Endotherm heating additive saves you money

How does it work? In a conventional central heating system water first passes through a boiler where it is heated through contact with the tubes that carry it. As the temperature is raised bubbles start to form but, when they get large enough, they reduce the contact between the water and the pipes and impede the heating process. Endo […]

CombiSave improves even A-rated boiler efficiency

This brand new innovation is a thermostatically operated valve that is fitted to any make and model of existing wall hung combi-boilers. Even brand new A-rated boilers are not as efficient as you may think. Every time you turn on your heating, you are wasting water, gas, time and money. Tests show that as soon as […]

OWL energy monitoring systems can save you money

OWL Energy Monitors have been sold worldwide to over 800,000 users helping people to conserve energy, save money and reduce their environmental impact The OWL range consists of the entry level Micro+ up to the new range of highly sophisticated, internet-enabled Intuition family of monitors. OWL micro+ is the first of a new generation of […]

Magnatech – Save money with increased fuel efficiency

If you’re looking for ways to save money and carbon footprint, Magnatech fuel conditioning is the solution. The magnetic fuel conditioning dramatically increases efficiency without the need for drastic intervention. Fuel conditioning is an emerging technology based on the discovery that high powered magnets placed in a particular sequence on fuel feed lines cause the […]

Solarpod – a revolution in portable power

Complete Eco are pleased to announce we are now carrying the full Solarpod range. Portable Power where and when you need it! Solarpod is a revolutionary product which brings you portable solar energy. This new innovative product provides energy to appliances and devices where no grid electricity is available. Whether as a backup in the […]

LED cost savings calculator

Not sure whether to switch to LED lights?
Calculate your cost savings with our handy tool.

Light fitting types

Not sure what light fittings you are looking for?Here is a diagram of the common light fittings with their names.if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us.

LED bulbs are the future of lighting

LED is the future of lighting. At a time when traditional bulbs are being phased out people are looking for alternatives and LED bulbs are ideal.