OWL energy monitoring systems can save you money

OWL Energy Monitors have been sold worldwide to over 800,000 users helping people to conserve energy, save money and reduce their environmental impact

The OWL range consists of the entry level Micro+ up to the new range of highly sophisticated, internet-enabled Intuition family of monitors.

OWL micro+ is the first of a new generation of OWL home energy monitoring products. Freshly styled and simple to use, the wireless micro+ is battery powered to sit comfortably anywhere in the home, helping you monitor and reduce your electricity consumption.

OWL micro+ has new features and class leading quality at a price that should quickly pay for itself in cost savings, and help the environment at the same time.

OWL +USB is a feature rich home energy monitor with data logging capability.

Easy to use, the wireless OWL +USB is battery powered enabling you to use the monitor around your home and reduce your electricity consumption. OWL +USB is equipped with a USB port that allows data download to a PC application for graphing and further analysis.

OWL Intuition is a modular, Internet connected monitoring and control system that can manage all of your main energy usage – electricity supply, solar PV generation, central heating and hot water. Each module can be added individually to create a total home energy management and control system, helping you to conserve energy, save money and reduce your environmental impact. This unique smart home technology can help you reduce your household energy bills by up to 25%. (subject to operational and environmental conditions and based on positive behavioural change).

OWL Intuition has no basic tier subscription charges.

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