LED bulbs are the future of lighting

LED lights are the future

It’s a bold claim but demonstrably true.

At a time when traditional bulbs are being phased out people are looking for alternatives and LED bulbs are the ideal option.

Just look at the benefits. LED bulbs are:

Retrofitted to go into existing sockets

Although some bulbs may require some additional electrical work, especially dimmable or DC voltage bulbs, most will fit directly into your existing sockets, making it easy and inexpensive to switch over.

Low wattage but with significant output

LED bulbs are being improved constantly but already you can replace 50W bulbs with bulbs running on 7W for the same light. Over an entire household that represents a significant reduction in electricity consumption and that means saving money as well as saving the planet.


The average bulb on our site is guaranteed for 30,000 hours although this does vary so check individual listings for specific lifetime guarantees. 30,000 hours represents anything from 3-5 years average consumption.

Variety of tones

LEDs are traditionally thought of as a bit stark but most types of light are offered in various tones from cool to warm making them suitable for all environments.

It’s true that LED bulbs cost a bit more initially but that is easily recouped over the life of the bulb, not to mention the time and trouble saved from not having to find and replace more traditional bulbs all the time.

LED lighting is reliable and cost-effective and is already widely used in commercial applications such as road-signs but it’s now making it’s way into the home and offices.

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