Magnatech – Save money with increased fuel efficiency

If you’re looking for ways to save money and carbon footprint, Magnatech fuel conditioning is the solution. The magnetic fuel conditioning dramatically increases efficiency without the need for drastic intervention.

Fuel conditioning is an emerging technology based on the discovery that high powered magnets placed in a particular sequence on fuel feed lines cause the fuel to burn at a higher temperature and more efficiently. Flame temperature increases for the same amount of fuel, meaning that less fuel is burnt to achieve the target temperature.

  • High powered magnets are fitted on the outside of the pipe in a particular pattern.
  • This produces a rise in flame temperature of 120C+ for the same amount of fuel.
  • The heat exchange plate in the boiler reaches target temperature sooner, which in turn means that less fuel is burnt to reach the target temperature.
  • The heat exchange plate is slightly hotter so the circulating water is hotter.
  • Returning water can be warmer, needing less heat to achieve target temperature.
  • The bonding of oxygen to the hydrocarbon atom is also improved, so that there is much less waste hydrocarbon in emissions, meaning that less un-burnt fuel is released into the atmosphere.

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