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Mr.Sinclair, Solar PV – Cheshire


Mr. Sinclair had heard about the advantages of solar energy and was keen to reduce his carbon footprint at the same time as invest in a system that would guarantee him a good return.

He chose to work with Complete Eco after comparing our costs and systems with those of our competitors. He tells us he was also really impressed with the honesty and attitude of the people he spoke to here.


As not every site is suitable for Solar PV we conducted a full survey of the property to establish feasibility and also to look for the best option to maximise return on investment.


Complete Eco identified an opportunity not only to generate electricity through solar panels but to add an extension to the system that directly generates hot water by attaching heat pads to the main cylinder.

This ensures that excess electricity generated at a point of low use is not wasted and goes towards a quicker return on investment.


A 16-panel rooftop system of LG 250 Mono X panels with a Solar Edge Micro Inverters was installed quickly and efficiently, designed to generate as much clean electricity as possible off two separate elevations.

With the combination of free electricity and also free hot water, after just a short time the customer is already noticing the benefits.


quotesThe whole job was carried out in a very efficient manner from quoting to even completing the application for the feed-in tariff and I would have no hesitation in recommending the company to friends. Even the good lady was happy.

Domestic customer – Cheshire

Complete Eco

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