Solarpod – a revolution in portable power

Complete Eco are pleased to announce we are now carrying the full Solarpod range.

Portable Power where and when you need it!

Solarpod is a revolutionary product which brings you portable solar energy. This new innovative product provides energy to appliances and devices where no grid electricity is available. Whether as a backup in the home or as a mobile generator when you are on the move, Solarpod powers your world.

Solarpod is a 400w portable generator which includes battery, charger and inverter. It will run a standard television for 8 hours and an halogen light for 3 hours, charge your laptop 7 times or run a small fridge for 7 hours.

Three easy steps to portable power.

Solarpod works straight from the box with no set up required.

  • Charge your Solarpod; either via solar panel, solar case or the mains charger
  • Plug your appliance into:
    1. USB port
    2. The car plug
    3. The mains plug
  • You appliance is now powered by Solarpod

The true definition of Portable power in a box, in fact the box can generate the power.

Other items in range….

  • Solarpod PRO 1000w unit
  • Foldable PV panels
  • Solar Buddy mobile device charger
  • Solar charge controllers
  • 7 watt solar torch

For more information on any of these products, call us now on 0844 824 3527

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