Infra-red Heating

Infra-red heaters produce soothing infra-red waves similar to heat generated by the sun and maintain a comfortable room temperature.

Is electromagnetic radiation, the warmer the object the more the object emits. Infra-red is not visible to the eye unlike the Dark Red range in the infra-red spectrum for which it lies adjacent to. Infra-red travels from the emitter to the receiving object and requires no transfer medium such as air to achieve this, unlike a convector heater that requires air to distribute its heat load.

Ideal receiving objects for infra-red are dark objects which will absorb and emit the infra-red shiny surfaces such as metals or mirrors will as expected reflect the infra-red energy and translucent surfaces such as clear glass will allow infra-red to transit through to a certain extent.

Infra-red offers a number of benefits over traditional convected heating such as lower air temperatures, yet warmer physical surface temperatures. A reduction in drafts / air movements as Infra-red does not use the air as a transfer medium and convection currents are reduced. With the reduction in air currents people often find a reduction in transiting dust particles, bacteria and pollen. Because of the relative humidity staying constant and no “drying of the air” together with a reduction in dust and airborne particulates, workspaces and homes can feel more comfortable places to reside and an improved environment for allergy sufferers.

Panels are available in:

  • Standard Matte and Glossy surfaces. Black / White or colour
  • Mirror Finish (perfect for Bathrooms or Spas and the mirror will not fog up under high humidity)
  • Blackboard finish. (Forget something, just jot it down on your panel)
  • Photo Finish (A favourite photo of a place / person or pet. Perhaps your company logo? Have it printed to the front of your panel)

Why install Infra-red?

A number of reasons.

  • Effective, fast heating
  • Efficient and low-cost to run
  • Reduction in gas consumption
  • Reduction in airborne contamination
  • Require no maintenance
  • No moving parts unlike wet central heating with pumps and solenoids
  • Simple and user friendly
  • Units can either blend in to background spaces or stand out with you own images on the panel
  • Can be either wall or ceiling mounted