Warehouse Upgrade – LED Lighting


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Electronics Firm – UK Electronics Ltd.


English electronics sub-contract assembler UK Electronics Ltd leads the way in in manufacture, design, testing and stays true to these values in its latest expansion.


The space as it was had not been in continuous use and the light levels needed to be improved

The survey brief was to assess the site ware house for conversion to production/office space, to increase the lighting levels in the main areas and deliver a bespoke lighting plan with minimal effect on the businesses energy base load.


We split the building into 3 zones for a phased roll out, concentrating on the old warehouse identifying the following key areas

  • A need to minimise base load
  • A requirement to improve general light levels
  • Delineation of different task and work areas
  • Constraints of the building inclusive of primary cable runs
  • Constraints of light sensitive machinery


Working with both the Managing Director Neil Carr and also the Operations Manager Gary Howarth initial floor plans were agreed and spaces designated. Requirements of the business in each of these new spaces was then set and a lighting design generated to suit.

Having reviewed all the options available we decided to recommend Revolux RL Series Linear LED units. We felt they were ideally suited as they┬átypically give an additional 45-50% energy consumption saving over T5 fittings with the added benefit of a full 5 year product guarantee. This┬ámeans zero maintenance costs for that period plus a rated economic life of >50,000hrs (L70) – almost 23 years for UK Electronics based on their stated hours of operation of 42 hours per week!

The old warehouse layout was remodelled, insulated and repainted increasing the reflective values of all surfaces. A mixture of T12, T8 fluorescent fittings were removed and replaced by Revolux RL Series Linear LED units and the Existing T5 fittings were relocated in to side offices to support the budget.


A significant increase in production space has been made available together with more defined and usable stores and office space. Light levels are now increased across the two of the three building areas assisting the intricate manual elements of electronic assembly.

The major success is that the energy consumption of the new lighting scheme has not impacted the base load in a negative manner freeing up valuable energy for revenue generating automated machinery.


quotesComplete Eco had taken time to understand the floor plan of the building and assess the requirements of the project. Complete Eco working in partnership with their chosen manufacturer UK Based, 8Point3 LED provided energy efficient, quality fittings based on a plan to suit our business. The increased light levels have been welcomed by all of the staff at UK Electronics making their work easier and the lack of impact of our base load has been welcomed by the management team allowing us to increase production too.

Neil Carr
MD – UK Electronics Ltd.

Complete Eco

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