Complete ECO Ltd. are energy management specialists aiming to reduce energy bills and carbon footprints for businesses and domestic customers through a mix of technology and better practice.

We offer a unique range of environmental products and services focused around energy reduction and renewable energy generation. To help businesses and customers reduce their energy bills we operate across four main areas:

Renewable Energy

Generating your own renewable energy means reducing your dependence on utility suppliers and reducing your bills. We install all technology including solar panels ands biomass boilers.

Energy Reduction

The most effective way to reduce your bills is to reduce the energy you use, without compromising on requirements. Our technology improves the efficiency of everyday systems.

Energy Broking

Are you paying too much for your energy? We can assess your consumption and future requirements and help you to buy better, as well as safeguarding your against future price rises.

Energy Funding

There are numerous grants and tariffs available to offset the up-front cost of installing renewable energy or energy reduction measures. We can help to find the best schemes for you.

Save Money on Heating and Lighting

lights2 Heating and lighting are two of the biggest users of energy, both at home and in commercial premises. Now we're coming into the season of colder, darker days it's more important than ever to heat and light your property efficiently. Complete ECO have a range of cutting-edge products designed to reduce fuel and energy consumption drastically without losing performance.

Get paid to use a biomass boiler

flamesRenewable Heat Incentive tariffs are in place for both domestic and commercial premises, meaning that the government reimburse you a proportion of the cost of installing a biomass boiler. Add to that the cheaper running costs and it could be the perfect solution for cutting your heating bills. Find more information on biomass boilers here.

Infrared heating

infraredAlternatively, why not move away from boilers entirely and use ultra-efficient long-wave infrared heaters for healthy, effective heating. We have in-ceiling panels and long range heaters for high ceilings or outdoor areas

LED lighting can reduce energy consumption by over 80%

ledOur range of LED lamps has been hand-picked to offer the best value for money without compromising on quality. Most of them can be fitted straight into existing sockets and you will see your bills reduced instantly. For bigger projects we can design, supply and install bespoke lighting systems including all wiring.

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CombiSave improves even A-rated boiler efficiency

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