Energy Funding

Funding for renewable energy projects and energy saving projects can make adding new technologies to your premises easily affordable. In some cases the savings made through the new technology offset the funding to such an extent it makes the project cost-neutral or even generates a profit.

Complete Eco have access to several different kinds of funding packages depending on the project. We can help you with energy funding even if we haven’t arranged the technology for you.


Asset Finance

This is a standard loan against equipment. We can arrange a loan with a client through finance providers, for an agreed amount over a set term. No title to the equipment is taken by us or other financers, the end user has ownership of the equipment from the outset.

Power Purchase

We install and finance the equipment. For an installation of under 100kW our finance provider retain ownership of the equipment. The client leases the space to the provider and are paid an agreed rental sum for the term of the lease. The client also has the right to buy electricity produced from the PV at an agreed rate (lower than that of the grid) for the term of the lease. At the end, the finance provider retain ownership of the equipment.