Infra-red Heating

Gone are the days of glowing orange quartz bars surrounded by a wire cage. They have made way for stylish fashion statements or subtle unobtrusive flat panels that blend in to the surroundings.

The invisible and soothing infrared waves produce heat similar to sunlight and maintain a comfortable room temperature. The heat is absorbed by all fixed objects and reflected to other directions. By heating the fabric of the room and not the air within, you feel the warmth within 5 minutes of activation.

  • Infrared waves produce heat without drying the air out or recirculating it.
  • Infrared prevents condensation – which traditional forms of heating actively encourage.
  • It prevents dust and allergen circulation because it doesn’t convect heat and its application in saunas and certain medical therapies highlights its health-giving properties.
  • In addition, cold spots within a given space are reduced significantly together with vastly reduced convection based drafts as per the diagram.

It is ideal for home and commercial use, as well as in public buildings and health-related locations e.g. hospitals & gyms. An evolving and now proven use for IR is that of heating outside space. External dining and drinking areas, smoking areas and part enclosed spaces that would traditionally be heated via Butane Patio heaters or high energy Quartz heaters can now be effectively heated via IR.

There are no on-going service or maintenance costs once your panel is fitted because there are no moving parts. They require no additional equipment: flues, fuel storage, pipes, like traditional oil and gas heaters do.