Boiler Control Systems

Boilers are naturally inefficient and even the best are subject to overrun and dry-firing.

Boiler control systems are advanced control panels based on micro-processor technology. Incorporating boiler management and warm air controls they intelligently control central heating boilers/burners to dramatically reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The range that we promote uses a Variable Thermal Response program to intelligently manage the heating system ensuring that it economically, and efficiently reaches the optimum performance requirements. These controls take into account all changeable factors including the level of demand, boiler flow and return temperatures and external temperature.

Features include:

  • Weather Compensation
  • On/Off Optimisation
  • Frost Protection
  • Night Time temperature control
  • Hot Water priority and temperature control
  • Multi boiler sequencing and stepping
  • Digital Programmer
  • Bypass facility

In contrast to a limiting and costly “one size fits all” approach, we offer a range of systems tailored to the various sizes and types of heating plant, be they in domestic, commercial or industrial applications. The various controls cover single, dual, multi and modular boilers; conventional and condensing boilers, warm air systems and radiant tube heaters.

Using these systems to regulate boilers can have a dramatic effect on fuel bills. In some cases we have seen reported reductions in gas consumption of 20%.

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