Solar Thermal

Free hot water from the sun!

Highly popular and in widespread use throughout the Mediterranean and the rest of the World, Solar Thermal installations use roof panels to heat water directly in a series of tubes.

Solar thermal was one of the first renewable technologies installed by the early adopters and was also the cheapest.

After all these years on is solar thermal still value for money? Yes. Raising hot water can be a costly task and a considerable burden on business especially if your main energy source is LPG, Oil or electricity. Solar thermal will take water to a respectable temperature depending on system and location, however at this point the expensive work is done and again dependant on the requirements only a small top up may be required.

In commercial installations solar thermal is a Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) eligible technology.

Solar thermal is an excellent technology if there is a need for hot water, however unlike solar PV you cannot export the thermal energy.

Commercial sites such as care homes, leisure centres, sports clubs and caravan sites that all have a demand for hot water could benefit from a solar thermal system. In fact the bigger the heat load the more viable the technology.

Systems can either be passive - where the water is driven through natural heat convection, or active - where a pump is used to circulate the water. The system itself consists of three parts: thermal panels to collect the heat from the sun, a heat transfer system to transfer the heat to the water and a tank where the heated water is stored ready for use.

Key benefits

Solar Thermal systems have several key benefits:

  • Free hot water
  • Year round supply, even across the winter
  • Reduction of carbon footprint
  • Reliable, proven technology
  • Low maintenance

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