CombiSave improves even A-rated boiler efficiency

This brand new innovation is a thermostatically operated valve that is fitted to any make and model of existing wall hung combi-boilers.

Even brand new A-rated boilers are not as efficient as you may think. Every time you turn on your heating, you are wasting water, gas, time and money. Tests show that as soon as you switch on your boiler the first ten litres of water used in the process of heating are wasted. As such, more gas than is needed is burnt, excess carbon is produced and time is wasted.

By controlling the flow of water during the initialfiring process, the CombiSave accelerates the heating of water and reduces the amount of fuel needed in the process. The CombiSave can even be fitted to older models, so it’s a great way of making your home more energy efficient without buying a brand new combi-boiler.

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