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Q Hotels – Park Royal, Warrington, Cheshire


The Gold accredited Park Royal Hotel based in Warrington already takes its environmental responsibilities seriously with its commitment to the Green Tourism Business scheme.


The survey brief was to assess the site to highlight potential for savings and also potential for generation of energy via renewable technologies, paying close attention to “quick win technologies”.


We conducted a full survey of the property and found the following key areas for eco-friendly development and business cost-saving:

  • Internal and External Lighting
  • Water Heating
  • Space Heating
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Energy Brokerage


Complete Eco working closely with General Manager Paul Gallon and Maintenance Manager Peter Horn agreed a phased approach to improvements.

For Phase 1 we identified the weights gym as ideal for commercial LED lighting.

The area was lit by 18 units of 4 x 18 watt T8 tubes used for 105 hours per week meant they were using almost 155kw hours per week.

We confirmed in replacing them we could.

  • Reduce running costs through lower wattage appliances
  • Reduce the cost of parts and labour by reducing maintenance required.
  • Maintain and even improve the aesthetics within the space


With almost no downtime within the gym we replaced the units with LED light panels, reducing the running costs by 60%.

The client, even including the cost of supply and installation, will recoup the investment within a year and generate significant savings going forward.


quotesSince 2008 we at the Park Royal have had energy efficiency very much at the top of our agenda. Over the years we have been able to reduce our energy consumption and CO2 emissions up to and above our set targets. As we headed into 2013 we knew the challenge would be greater and in order to make further year on year reductions we would need expert assistance. This is where Complete Eco has made a difference for us. They presented us with a fantastic study on how we could make the further savings with a fantastic return on the investments, particularly through LED lighting. They quickly identified that energy efficiency was a high priority for us and they made our energy saving a high priority for themselves, which in my experience is the major difference between Complete Eco and other consultants offering a similar service.

Peter Horn
Maintenance Manager

Complete Eco

Complete Eco chooses from a large portfolio of renewable technologies and an even bigger choice of energy saving technologies enabling us to provide a tailor made solution for your site. To see what we can do for you click here

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