Endotherm heating additive saves you money


How does it work?

In a conventional central heating system water first passes through a boiler where it is heated through contact with the tubes that carry it. As the temperature is raised bubbles start to form but, when they get large enough, they reduce the contact between the water and the pipes and impede the heating process.

Endo Enterprises have produced a simple water additive that can reduce the size of the bubbles at higher temperatures maintaining the efficiency of the heating process and using less energy to reach the desired water temperature.

In addition to extensive laboratory testing this discovery has been used now in live environments in Hospitals, Schools and normal houses and has resulted in savings of 10-15% on average.

It doesn’t take any specialist knowledge to add EndoTherm to a domestic system so here at Compete Eco we’re making it available for the first time to buy directly over the internet. Details coming soon.

The main benefits

  • Uses less energy to heat water saving money every month
  • Totally natural product ingredients
  • No adverse effects on the system
  • Easy to install and immediate returns
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