Complete Eco in partnership with Diamond LED

A Winning Partnership

We are proud to announce that, in a landmark launch deal Complete Eco have gone into partnership with Diamond LED Lighting one of the key designers, manufacturers and importers of premium LED lights in the UK.

Diamond LED light bulbs are known as manufacturers and suppliers of some of the best quality LED products in the UK but at highly competitive prices, mission which perfectly mirrors our own.

But why are we telling you about them when you can read it in their own words?

About Diamond LED

Diamond LED Lighting is part of the Diamond Electronics group formed in 1979 to deliver components and services to the electronics manufacturing industry in the UK and more recently Europe and the Far East.

As an electronic component specialist we have been involved in selling LED components for most of the last 30 years and have seen the technology develop into the current hi power LEDs which are being used so successfully as energy efficient alternatives to the halogen and filament lamps in many applications.

Diamond LED Lighting was formed to help our customers realise the benefits of this new breed of LED lamps which are now available. Through our extensive partner network in the Far East we have sourced and tested what we believe are high performance products at prices which will allow you to see a quick payback on your investment in LED lights.

Our products

LED lamps from Diamond LED offer lighting designers new solutions to create effective display, feature and space lighting schemes. As well as being able to select from a large range of colour and beam options, applications will also benefit from the very significant savings on running costs compared to standard halogen lamps and filament bulbs.

LED Lighting is ideal for commercial applications such as retail premises, bars and office spaces where attractive lighting design is imperative however running costs need to be kept a minimum. Many modern homes also use 50W halogens extensively in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms with many users being surprised at the significant increase in energy consumption after installation.

Industry standard fittings also ensure that our LED lamps and bulbs can be used as effective replacements for halogen spots and standard filament lamps in existing commercial and domestic applications.

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